1814 Henry Raeburn - Boy and Rabbit

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JynetteTigner - Valkyrie 

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Moonlight, by Albert Bierstadt

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"Rise.  Shine.  Reach outside yourself.  Wake and discover the dreams you are capable of when you aren’t sleeping.  May they keep you up at night.  Marvel at how big they are and witness what they can become.  Grow with your ambitions.  Flex on those who doubt.  Nourish no bad seeds.  No black can’ts.  No black don’ts.  No black maybes.  You will.  Stretch so that the tension is too great-Become greater.  You do not have to dance to choreograph your next steps.  Just make sure you get your sun.  Black boys.  Black girls.  Your cage is too small to hold you forever.  Show them"

- Dexter R. Jones

Dancer | Model: Felicia limada
Creative Direction | Photography by: Dexter R. Jones
© All Rights Reserved

IG: sirdexrjones

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hisashi eguchi - glasses girl

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Original cover art by John Romita, Jr. (pencils) and Al Williamson (inks) from Daredevil #260, published by Marvel Comics, November 1988.

Love, love, love, these comics, this run, that art…

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Buddy Nestor

Buddy Nestor was an abstract painter until a few years ago when he struck a strange new chord with portraiture that took his work to a new level. Derivative of his abstract style, Nestor’s “spiritual x-ray” portraits are intended to remove the mask of beauty to reveal darker, more honest aspects of the personalities of his subjects.

Belying his intention of removing beauty, and regardless of how uncomfortable his works are to many people, they are paradoxically comprised of pleasing shapes and muted colors, like marbleized colored plastic or objects seen through distorted glass. They are mesmerizing and even beautiful, disturbing only when their full context is realized.

The uncanny and destabilizing nature of his work is powerful.  It mesmerizes and confuses the logic of the viewer opening up cracks in the psyche.  This is one of the most important things art can do: open the mind. -

–Samantha Levin

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Hand colored Akira page by creator Katsuhiro Otomo, serving as an example/color guide for Steve Oliff, who colored the Epic(MARVEL) Comics edition of Akira.

"You don’t have to think about it, you just do it."

That’s real talk.